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T.I.E. Recruiting LLC strives for success through communication.  In an increasingly online world of algorithm driven resume generators and glorified key-word matches, T.I.E. Recruiting chooses to do things differently.  We produce results based the shared needs of both the clients and candidates.  

If your operation is looking for top talent, T.I.E. Recruiting will work with you to understand exactly what that potential person looks like.  Not just in terms of professional skill set, but also, who this person is, what their motivations are and how they operate.  It's no secret that not everyone who caries the same title is a lateral consideration.  T.I.E. Recruiting will work with you and your company to help find the professionals that fit your overall criteria in both professional ability and culture.

If you're a candidate looking to make a move, T.I.E. Recruiting can help.  We will work with you and your individual search criteria to help you find the role you're looking for.  T.I.E. Recruiting will aggressively pursue companies and opportunities to help you refine your search and get you talking with the right people.  We use the utmost discretion and will never do anything with your name without discussing it first.   

**We will not help employees of current clients to job search** 

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