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Jon Gunn

Jon got his start in the industry the hard way, with a hammer and trowel.  After a hard fought apprenticeship with the legendary stone masons of historic Bucks County, PA, Jon became a full tendered mason and learned what hard work and core values means.  Ultimately seeking personal and professional growth, Jon left the trade after eight years and joined the Air Force.  

In the Air Force, Jon traveled the world and spent several years in Europe.  Despite finding success as an Aircraft Mechanic, Jon was still interested in pursing a more executive structure.  This led Jon to become an Education and Training Specialist and ultimately an Air Force Recruiter.  When Jon's full time military commitment was over, he discovered an opportunity to combine two things he loves; recruiting and networking within the industry.  

In 2013, Jon left active duty for the New Hampshire Air National Guard.  Simultaneously, Jon was also recruiting with an agency that focused exclusively on the Lumber and Building Materials industry.  After 5 years with the agency, Jon returned to active duty until his military retirement in 2019.

Armed with a Bachelors in Business Management, and Associates in Human Resources and Education and Training, Jon started T.I.E. Recruiting LLC.  Having seen other Recruiting agencies structure and methods, Jon knew he could do better.  

T.I.E stands for Transparency, Integrity and Ethics.  T.I.E. Recruiting takes a smarter approach on the front end and liaisons growth opportunities for companies and candidates through clear, honest and effective communication.  We do what is right and let our reputation and results do the talking for us.   

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